Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Dream big little one....


  1. Gosh Room 21, I like your big dreams for the future! It looks like we will be super safe with so many learners wanting to be a police officer. Mrs Daniel better watch out for Tamzin, preparing to take her job, and maybe Lauchlan and Jackson might design a future Emirates Team NZ winning boat? When I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist and explore the ancient treasures of Egypt! I love being a teacher and principal though - I've been in school my whole life, since I was 5 (40 years!)

  2. I loved seeing on the window what the children want to be when they grow up - great imagination! NZ Police will be happy with these new recruits!

  3. Hi room 21!
    Looks like you have a life ahead of you already. Make anything come ture!

    From Stella