Friday, 9 March 2018

Fab Friday

Today we had a terrific 'Fab Friday' session. 
We had Theo's mum helping identify countries that are important to us on the world map.

Zach's mum helping us plant seeds for our 'Bugs and Butterflies Garden'.

We completed our 'Pealer Beads' with the help of Jackson's mum.

Daniel's mum helped us to make our own buckets so we can all become 'Bucket Fillers'.

We also had a cool game of 'Maths Pong' which helped us not only with our Maths, but also our problem solving, ball skills and science awareness.


  1. Wow what an action packed afternoon Room 21. You are lucky to have so many mummies to come in and help with your learning.

  2. You are so lucky Room 21 having so many mother helps on a Friday to help you learn exciting things and do cool activities.