Friday, 15 June 2018

Term 2 Week 7

Arts Week 2018 has been an action packed week of learning.

We have enjoyed many things including;
-Printing our city skylines
-Designing and making our dinsouars
-Learning to play the ukelele
-Drama and miming
-Learning the Hokey Tokey
-Practising our Gruffalo Play

Check out the photos and videos below.

Well done Max on receiving a certificate at Assembly today!


  1. Gosh I am impressed especially that you learnt to play the ukelele and dance the Hokey Tokey

  2. I wish I could see the video. I wonder why it isn't visible? Well done Max on receiving the award at assembly, I'm very proud of you. The big dragons that you have made Room 21 look colourful!

  3. How are the dragons 3d? They look awesome.Fantastic work room 21!