Wednesday, 4 July 2018

What fabulous learning....

What an exciting time Room 21 has had the last few weeks...

Today children presented their plays to the class. 
At the end of next term we will revisit plays and practise new plays to present to our family. 

In Maths we have been learning about volume and capacity. We made posters to explain the difference and made oobleck and bubble mixture to demonstrate the importance of measuring correctly.

We had Andy from Auckland Transport come in and talk to us about the importance of crossing the road safely. We made cool badges to teach others the right thing to do!

Well done Himanshu on earning a certificate at Assembly!

Way to go Room 21. We received the Best Class Trophy at Assembly!

Happy Holidays Room 21!


  1. Plays are such fun. Great that you have been learning about volume and capacity. Making oobleck and bubble mixture is a cool way to learn how to measure correctly.

  2. Gosh you have been up to a lot lately Room 21! Congratulations Himanshu for getting the certificate at assembly (I've very proud of you!). I also really like your safe walking badges made with Andy!

  3. Cool! You must of been practising a lot for those amazing plays! How did it go?

  4. Wow, you must have practiced your plays lots. You guys rock!!